Frequently Asked Questions

Ranking Questions

We will keep all your date for as long as your account is active.
Our tracker checks every day for new rankings (once every 24 hours).
In most cases the first results will appear within 8 to 12 hours. In some rare cases it may take a bit longer but always within 24 hours.
Yes you can, our tool supports any local version of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Both Desktop and mobile search.
In many cases the index of Google mobile search will differ slightly from the results you will see on your desktop device. Therefore we developed a different trackers for mobile and desktop search. Since the mobile web is becoming more and more significant, we believe that providing accurate ranking data for both, mobile and desktop search, is the natural thing to do.

Billing Questions

We currently support PayPal subscriptions and credit card payments. The customers without PayPal/credit card can drop us an email for a wire transfer prepayment solution.
Yes, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked!
Simply drop us a line and we will handle it all for you within 24 hours (during business days).
Yes, just drop us a line with a list of features you need and we will make you an offer for a custom plan.
Currently we don’t have an affiliate program.

Feature Questions

Yes you can. You can either download a PDF report or generate an unique URL where your report will appear online and than share it with whoever you want.
Yes, but only Pro plus and Enterprise customers have this option. Please refer to our Plans & pricing page.
Our website and user panel are both full responsive and can be accessed from mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.