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Here you are with the top 26 link building tactics. Demanding on money, time or effort and very rewarding too. Go Pro!

Interested in trying out easier yet less effective tactics? Check out these:

301. Came across a highly linked page no longer available? Reach out the webmaster and offer some money to redirect that page to your own (relevant) content. If you nail the topic it is a great tactic: if the webmaster doesn’t fix the 301, by definition they don’t care anymore about the broken link webpage.

Ask. Just make sure to request a link back to any valuable content in your network. They all have a website today. Best of all are customers (that may become testimonials), but colleagues, partners, etc. work well too.

Badge. Create a list of top-resources in your industry, and then friendly email them a badge linking to your page, highlighting you are featuring them. Works better with local and/or small businesses that are less likely to be mentioned and are hungry of visibility. The more specific the better (e.g. top 10 emerging beer brewers in Brussels).

Better Business Bureau. A paid service that recommends trustworthy businesses and charities worldwide. Very valuable link, but it is a paid service, with fee depending on your company size.

Business Partnership. The idea here is to find companies selling products or proving services complimentary to your own product or service, and propose a cross-linking.

Blog. Consistently posting new content allows you to build internal links within your pages, but also to establish yourself as an authority on your field. Not a quick win but something you want to consider for your branding.

Blog Carnival. If you’re just starting off your own blog and want to develop your brand awareness, consider blog carnivals. They are communities of bloggers on specific topics. When somebody performs a search on relevant keywords, your content will have better chance to show up.

Broken Link. Side tactic of the 301. Once you have your content in place, reach out to people who linked the killed content (instead of the killed content webmaster) and propose them to replace the link with your fresh article/post.

Chamber of Commerce. Are you a small/medium or local business? Your local Chamber of Commerce website is an awesome place to get a good value link.

Collecting Data. A side tactic of blogging and creating valuable content is data collection. Try to release data you collected in an organized and structured way, and everyone looking for the same will be delighted to mention you.

Experts Panel. If you’re lucky enough to know influential people in your industry, ask each of them their view on a specific topic (e.g. 5-year outlook on SEO), gather them and publish results out as an article or eBooks. Names of your contributors will generate links on their own.

Event Recap. Attended an interesting workshop, or conference, or tradeshow? Well, think about how many people would have been in your shoes and make them a favor. Write an event recap and reach out to the event organizer. They’ll be more than happy to use your content: you already made the job for them!

Fixing Other’s Content. Came across an article/blog with outdated content? Propose to integrate/amend the article having a link in exchange.

Glossary. Glossary is along the same line of collecting data, How-Tos, top tips, etc. If you are good at that people will be grateful to find in only one place all definitions they need.

Guest Blogging. Evergreen tactic. Reach out to bloggers on your own niche with an established name and lots of followers, and propose them to guest blogging in their domain. They save time, you gain visibility and possibly links to your own blog.

How-To Guide. Very very time consuming, but the most lasting technique. You are an expert on your niche; well, proof it. Write – or record – the most comprehensive guide on how to perform a task or solve a problem, and outreach everyone who might be interested and nicely propose to link your content.

Infographics. Same rational as Collecting Data, but this time sharing them in a nice and easy graphic way.

Internal Links. This is the only tactic you can 100% control. Make the most of it minding the link number and optimizing the anchor text for the keywords you want to be found.

Live Blogging. This works well in conjunction with Event Recap. Are you attending an interesting event? Let the world know and share your thoughts. On top of hopefully generate links, you’ll have 80% of your Event Recap job already done.

News. Well, it’s not only about writing about what’s happening in your industry, but to be the first to comment or even share something. Not a day-to-day tactic unless you are a professional reporter, but something to definitely consider if you ever come across valuable news. Links will flow without any effort on your side apart posting your article. An easier way to do that is just be quick on commenting a breaking news; chances are your get some traffic and links from people looking for the main news actually. Kind of smartass tactic, but working!

Networking (Online). OK, this is the ABC. Take advantage of any chance to be helpful, or to express your gratitude, or to congratulate, or to give your opinion, or to ask questions. People are usually nice and they will revert the favor, maybe sharing and linking your content!

Networking (Offline). Take advantage of any industry event or meetup to show up, meet new people and share your content.

Snippet. To facilitate people who want to link your content, provide HTML snippet they can copy & paste in their website.

Soliciting Product Reviews. Have a great product or service? Give some giveaways to bloggers professionally reviewing product/service in your industry and they’ll get back a link to you.

Sponsoring. Easiest way: find out a blogging contest and propose your product as winner prize. The organizer will be more than happy to link back to your site.

Teacher/Student Discount. Think about offering a little discount to people involved at any level in the education, and you’ll be likely to get valuable links from their institution website.

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