may 12
top 25 bing ranking factors

Couple of weeks ago we’ve seen 8 REASONS YOUR SITE MUST BE OPTIMIZED FOR BING. Time to roll up the sleeves now, and make sure our website matches top 25 Bing ranking factors. Bonus tips: Don’ts while optimizing for Bing! Anchor Text To reinforce the value of editorial content, Bing gives a high importance to the anchor text. But be […]

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may 01

When someone enters onto your website, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. If your site is slow and browsers cannot immediately find what they want, they will automatically leave. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have a high-functioning site that allows browsers to log on and instantly gather information. A major component of a positive […]

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apr 22
link building basics

We’ll see today what a link is, where link building comes from, how search engines see your links and 3 broad categories of techniques you can use for your link building campaign. In a next post we’ll see how to successfully execute a link building campaign. A step back: what exactly a link (hyperlink) is? Take this example: You can […]