apr 22
link building basics

We’ll see today what a link is, where link building comes from, how search engines see your links and 3 broad categories of techniques you can use for your link building campaign. In a next post we’ll see how to successfully execute a link building campaign. A step back: what exactly a link (hyperlink) is? Take this example: You can […]

mar 26
youtube video rank tracking

SEO Rank Monitor proudly announce the release of our brand new feature, a YouTube video’s rank tracking in Google and Google Videos. Wonder how your videos perform against your competitors? Planning a YouTube SEO campaign? Need more organic traffic from YouTube? Stop shopping around! Thanks to SEO Rank Monitor you can now perform detailed rank checking of YouTube videos for […]

mar 24
mobile seo chasing rabbit

«The next phase in this evolution is how brands become more strategic with mobile and “chase the rabbit”, aligning advertising and messaging when users “hop” from device to device.» – Millenial Media, Cross-Screen Consumer Behavior Decoded If you want to get found online tomorrow you must re-think your Mobile SEO today. Your customers will look for you through a number […]

mar 05
conversion optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization We can easily define CRO as the method of using analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website. Conversion rate optimization is finding why visitors are not converting and fixing it. No matter where your traffic is coming from, there is a way to make it convert. Instead of just focusing on building traffic, […]