oct 21
local seo

In order to fully optimize your search results you can’t allow yourself to just focus on organic results any longer.. More and more search terms are showing (accurate) local rankings, and with the ongoing mobile traffic growth we simply have to admit: Local SEO is key.

But if your searches return your local search results, how can you (easily) keep track of your local rankings across multiple cities? That’s where SEO Rank Monitor comes in.

This is how to track your local SEO rankings… easily!

With SEO Rank Monitor you can now easily track any of your local SEO results for any city that you specify, and analyze it’s rankings on a daily basis.

Once you have started your free trial you can enter the website(s) and all the keywords that you’d like us to track.

In the next step you can specify any (or multiple) location for which you’d us to track your local rankings, and we’ll provide you with accurate daily updates on your rankings for those specific locations, for all of your keywords.


Based on the rankings we’ll provide you with easy to grasp reports and insights, so you can improve your local SEO just as your organic SEO.

To get a daily overview of your local SEO results (as well as all your organic results, of course), simply sign up for a free trial of SEO Rank Monitor. We’ll start tracking your results right away!

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